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  • Organic Black Olive Spread

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    Our Organic Black Olive Spread is undeniably delicious – and so multitalented! The robust and yet simple combination of Tunisian Sahli black olives, a small amount of Meski green olives, extra virgin olive oil, and sea salt make for a delicious spread we love serving at our communal tables at Le Pain Quotidien. The possibilities are endless. Here are some ways to work this tasty olive tapenade into your daily eats.

  • Organic Harissa

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    Harissa typifies Tunisian cuisine. It is used at table as a condiment.  Diluted with stock or water harissa is used to season vegetables, couscous and stew. 

    To make harissa, two varieties of sweet peppers and one hot pepper are sun-dried.  They are ground with dried garlic, a bit of tomato and olive oil, a little salt, cardamom and coriander.

    Spread it on bread for crostinni or as the base of a tartine. This version of harissa delivers depth of flavor and medium strength smoky heat.  Use harissa wherever you ordinarily consider hot sauce. Harissa is one of Alain's (our founder) refrigerator essentials. Read here why.


  • Organic Sundried Tomatoes

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    Ripe tomatoes are harvested, salted and dried outdoors in the intense sun of July and August. Three pounds of fresh, ripe tomatoes are concentrated into this 7 oz jar - hand packed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Julienne these tomatoes and add to couscous and a variety of other dishes for extra depth of flavor. 

    Keep the oil to drizzle over grilled vegetables, to dress salads or use as dipping oil for bread. These tomatoes are ready to open and eat or to use as ingredients to enhance your home cuisine.

  • Mahjoub Wild Capers in Sea Salt

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    Capparis spinosa is a plant that thrives in semi-arid rocky regions throughout the Mediterranean. Capers are the flower buds of this plant and if left unpicked they would bloom into a pinkish white flowers with violet stamens.These wild, hand-harvested capers are brined, sun-dried and packed in salt to preserve their delicate flavor and texture, and not in vinegar as is often done with smaller French & Spanish capers.

    They are ready to open and eat or to use as ingredients to enhance your home cuisine. Classic dishes calling for capers are smoked salmon, skate with brown butter and chicken tajine with lemon. Capers work well with tomatoes and olives. 


4 Item(s)