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  • Organic Super Seeds Granola Bar

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    Hungry? Reach for our Super Seeds Granola Bar!
  • Cherry Apple Slices

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    "Washington state leads the nation in sweet cherry and apple production. This healthy snack features dried apples soaked in cherry juice and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar."
  • Organic Crunola® raw granola

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    Raw buckwheat groats, almonds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, Thompson raisins, Austrian pumpkin seeds and goji berries make up this raw and vegan mix. 

    Our Crunola® raw granola is a deliciously healthy mix and it is also gluten-and sweetener-free! Try it as a snack or paired with soy milk or yogurt.

    For some inspiration, read Crunola® Raw Cranola Energy Snacks

  • Organic Granola

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    Whole rolled oats, raisins, agave syrup, sunflower seeds, shredded coconut, extra virgin coconut oil, cashews, coconut chips, Austrian pumpkin seeds, almonds, un-hulled sesame seeds and sea salt make up this organic, vegan granola.  

    Filled with so much goodness, our organic granola is perfect for breakfast or as an afternoon pick-me-up.

  • Natural Granola Bar

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    Oats, cranberries, raisins, currants, hazelnuts, almonds, honey, olive oil, coconut, almond flour, almond butter, brown sugar, quinoa puffs, vanilla, sea salt, and cinnamon make up this granola bar.

    Filled with so much goodness and organic ingredients, our granola bar is perfect as an afternoon pick-me-up!


  • Le Pain des Fleurs

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    These organic gluten free buckwheat crackers are a great alternative to bread. Light, crispy and full of flavor they are the perfect companion for your breakfast spreads.  

  • Organic Nougat de Montélimar en Sachet

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    Our dense and chewy organic nougat is traditionally one of the thirteen desserts served after Christmas Eve dinner. The bag contains 22 pieces of nougats.
  • Organic Nougat de Montélimar

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    This organic nougat bar is a classic French sweet made with almonds, pistachios and beaten egg whites. This nougat is soft (tendre) as opposed to other varieties that can be very hard. While nougat is popular year round it is often associated with Christmas festivities.

8 Item(s)