Le Pain Quotidien Pantry provides a selection of our retail products to be delivered right to your home.  Discover our wide range of specialty products, all available online so you can enjoy the communal table experience at your kitchen table.

About Le Pain Quotidien 

What he wanted was so simple: bread, hearty and wholesome, with a firm slice and a good crust.  Alain Coumont learned about bread as a small child, standing on a chair every Sunday watching his aunt Simone bake bread. As a young chef in Brussels, Alain could not find the right bread for his restaurant.  Passionate about quality, he returned to his roots and opened a small bakery where he could knead flour, salt and water into the rustic loaves of his childhood.  He called his bakery “Le Pain Quotidien.”  Today, Le Pain Quotidien kitchens offer the same rustic elegance and communal ambiance all over the world with over 200 store locations and growing.

Our Philosophy

From the sourcing of organic ingredients to the use of reclaimed wood for our furniture, we strive to be sustainable in our business practices. We choose our farmers and producers with care so we know they share the same love, passion and commitment as we do. In serving our guests and partnering with our suppliers, we work towards fostering a sense of community in this hectic, fast-paced world.